Keith Davidson

RESA Member Spotlight: Keith Davidson, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Compass

Keith Davidson
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at Compass

Manhattan residential sales agent, kids wrestling coach, devoted husband and father.

What do you think the market/business will look like in 2021?
I am really excited about 2021. We finished 2020 very strong and enter Q1 with a lot of positive momentum. Interest rates will remain low, buyers and sellers have had adjusted their expectations, the stock market is doing well and, with the vaccine now in distribution consumer confidence is getting better and better.

Buyers today have choices, reasonable prices, and the price gap between the suburbs and the city that was so pronounced at the start of the pandemic has decreased. I suspect that as more cultural aspects of the city continue to come online we will see a steady increase in demand throughout the year and that there is a window of opportunity to buy now that has not existed in a long time.

What do you think people in your field should know about/focus on/consider in the coming year?
I think there has to be an increased emphasis on market research, and customer communication. Price discovery due to COVID is just happening now, there has been a complete loss of seasonality in the market and there is a wide discrepancy between asset classes. An agent today must be able to sort through a lot of information, determine where the value is and be able to communicate that clearly to their clients in order to guide them with bid/ask recommendations.

What do you/your company do that’s different or unique? How do you better serve your clients? What skills or services do you offer that are different?
Without a doubt, it’s Compass Concierge. Studies show between a 50-70% ROI for professional staging and smart renovations when preparing your home to sell. However, sometimes it’s tough for the homeowner to come up with the money and time to do this. With Compass Concierge, we pay the upfront costs (to be reimbursed at closing) and manage the whole process for them so the seller gets all the benefits without the hassle. I have eight homes currently signed up for this service in 2021.

Best piece of advice ever received?
I’ve received a lot of great advice over the years, however there are two quotes I always come back to:

“It’s okay to lose to an opponent, it’s not okay to lose to fear”

—Mr. Miyagi, Karate Kid II


“You get what you earn”

—Tom Brands, Wrestling coach Iowa Hawkeye’s

Charity/volunteer work and affiliations?
I am a member of REBNY’s rental committee, the Real Estate Advisory committee for Sacred Heart Parish, and, along with my wife, manage a community garden serving fresh produce to soup kitchens in my area.